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Photo of employee David Kennedy


More defective research…from the inside

You probably have noticed that we’re pretty passionate about discussing good and less-than-good practices in market research on our blog (if you haven’t, check out here, here, here, here, and here). I was reading the book Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things the other day and one of the things the author mentioned as a […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


The importance of good sampling

One of the most important factors that determines if your [fill in research mode here … survey, focus group, etc.] produces accurate results is your sample. A sample, by definition, is a subset of the population you are studying that is selected for the actual research study. Perform your research with the wrong sample, or […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


Google Insights

Marketers salivate over the amount of data Google holds, and today Google gives us another window into their database of intentions.  Similar to Google Trends, their newest service, Google Insights, allows you to get a glimpse of what terms people are searching for. Insights, however, offers additional tools to make those results more useful.  Now […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For

It’s the season for political polling, which is a convenient occasion for illustrating the many potential pitfalls of conducting opinion research.  Last week there was a particularly good example of biases in opinions caused by the way a question is asked. There is currently a bill (House Bill 1366) in the North Carolina State Legislature […]

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Corona team member helps Ad2 Denver take 2nd place in public service competition!

Congratulations to our own David Kennedy, and the rest of the Ad2 Denver team, who took 2nd place in the national 2008 American Advertising Federation‘s Public Service Competition!  Their project culminated in a very cool and witty media campaign for the new Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum located in Golden, CO.  We’re very proud of […]

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Photo of employee David Kennedy


Obama’s Super Marketing Machine

I should first start off with a general disclaimer.  We’re a neutral market research firm with no affiliation with any political party.  Oh, and another disclaimer, we do market research for a living, so we are biased in that respect.  With all that out of the way… I read an article today on Obama’s Super […]

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