In case you missed the announcement, we’d like to mention again that here at Corona we’ve recently re-designed our website to be aligned with our customer groups by sector (business, nonprofit, and government). It was a decision inspired by our desire to acknowledge our customers’ unique needs across each of these areas.

Honing in more specifically on our business sector customers and fans, our new Insights for Strategic Marketing page is a clear and concise representation of how we use data-driven insights via market research and consulting to inform all stages of strategic and tactical marketing. Our collective experience and background has fueled our thinking in this area and tells us that “an ounce of strategy is worth a pound of execution.” It’s sort like the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.” Make sure you’re doing things right in the beginning, and you won’t end up wasting your resources.

We know from our experiences working with hundreds of clients that it’s critical for them to fully understand current and/or potential target markets along with consumer or business needs for a particular product offering(s)…before spending the big bucks on marketing campaigns.

So, check out our framework, and start thinking about how to take first things first. We’re talking about big decisions you’ll be able to make, enlightened with information, like determining marketing goals based on a thorough assessment of internal and external environments; identifying market segmentations and selecting target markets based on criteria that is directly related to those marketing goals; and establishing a positioning platform and value proposition that will resonate with the selected target markets and differentiate from competitor offerings.

It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Armed with information, you’ll have the “ready-aim” part down. All that remains after that is to fire away with your marketing execution.