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What is promising practices research?

In program design and evaluation, promising practices research is a reliable approach for developing research-based, sustainable, and tailored practices.

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What is secondary research?

In a world of confusing research-related jargon, we discuss secondary research and how it can be used to illuminate answers by using information that already exists.

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An Anthropologist’s Guide to Ethnographic Observation

Ethnographic observation is a time-tested methodology that provides rich data. Molly Hagan gives an overview of what ethnographic observation is and how it may be useful for your organization.

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What is Qualitative Data?

In a previous blog, we discussed data storytelling, or using both qualitative and quantitative data to craft a complete story. But what exactly is qualitative data?

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What is data storytelling?

At Corona, we are constantly trying to think of better ways to present data so that it is easy to use. We recently gave a presentation to our friends at Denver Data Storytellers about blended storytelling. Below is a summary of what we discussed.

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What is a Push-to-Web Survey?

Push-to-web survey approaches are growing in popularity. But what exactly is a push-to-web survey, and what are best practices?

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What is Statistical Significance?

What does statistically significant actually mean? Let’s drink some tea and find out.

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Denver Data Storytellers – Blended Storytelling Strategies

Corona Insights is pleased to be partnering with our friends at Denver Data Storytellers to put on a virtual event: Blended Storytelling Strategies!

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What is NPS?

NPS is perhaps the most well-known metric in the world of satisfaction research, but as with many acronyms and jargon, what it actually is sometimes gets lost in translation. So, whether the term is new to you, or you just need a refresher, here is a quick overview of NPS.

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VOC Research – Not Just for Volatile Organic Compounds Anymore

You’ve probably seen the acronym “VOC” here and there when it comes to marketing and customer research. We talk a bit about the “voice of the customer” in research strategy and help to clarify some of the confusion.

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