Yesterday’s piece in the Denver Business Journal regarding the Colorado Symphony’s new CEO and continued efforts toward sustainability is the first to reference Corona Insights and my involvement in their sustainability efforts.  I facilitated the three-month process with the Sustainability Study Committee for the Symphony earlier this year.  To clarify, it was not an emergency committee, as another journalist claimed, but rather was part of a proactive effort to address impending opportunities and challenges that were foreseen.

The Sustainability Study Committee was asked to serve as a think tank and consider all options to create a sustainable business model for the organization.  It is widely recognized that the national orchestral industry was and is going through major change, with many organizations facing decline and others attempting turnaround.  I maintained during the sustainability process that the Colorado Symphony could be the organization to create the new business model for its industry.

True organizational turnaround is tough.  The process is jarring and the result uncertain. It is a process that requires collective courage and shared belief in a better future. A wise person said, “Faith is going to the edge of all that you are and taking one more step.”  The symphony is at the edge; we’ll see where the next step takes them. We wish them good luck going forward, as we all want to see the organization thrive.

We have enjoyed working with the Colorado Symphony and continue to believe that the organization has great potential for sustainability in service to the community.