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A dose of data for your springtime allergies

Like many people, I have “seasonal allergies.”  March and April bring sneezing fits and foggy brain days for me.  Often I get a sore throat and headaches.  One year I went through three strep throat tests and a course of antibiotics before my doctor decided my swollen throat was caused by allergies. Knowing you’re allergic […]

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What seniors want from open space

Corona Insights recently helped sponsor the Colorado Open Space Alliance: 2013 Conference in the beautiful hamlet of Crested Butte, Colorado.  More land managers and natural resource professionals attended this year’s conference than any year prior, demonstrating both the success of the conference organizers and the growing field of open space, natural areas, and landscape conservation […]

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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


What is the Hardest Science?

If biology, geology, and chemistry are hard sciences, then are other scientific disciplines soft or easy (or scrabbled)?  Social scientists, especially in the natural resource realm, have long advocated for the legitimacy of their research, and they have struggled to define their endeavors under the hard science paradigm. However, the gap between social and natural […]

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Corona Insights employee Matt Bruce


Part 3: Actual behavior – What we do

Did sales increase after the campaign? Who donated the most money?  When did website traffic peak? We can answer these questions by measuring actual behavior, a practice that is not as common in market research as one might think. This may be due to age-old industry norms that insist measuring actual behavior is too difficult […]

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Earth Day Turns 43

Sandwiched between signings of the Wilderness Act and the Clean Water Act, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.  A lot has changed over four decades of the environmental movement, but one thing hasn’t changed—the need to track metrics and gauge progress.  Here at Corona, we thought it would be fun to dig into […]

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Corona continues to survey the running community

For over two years now, Corona Insights has been providing races around the country with a standardized way of surveying their athletes.  This process was developed by Corona as an innovative process for race directors to get feedback and see how their races compare to other races.  Since the survey’s inception in early 2010, over […]

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Kevin is running across America

Sort of. On Monday, the Denver Post featured Corona’s  founder and Principal, Kevin Raines,  and his cross-country run. No, Kevin hasn’t been on sabbatical hoofing it across America. He’s been tracking his daily mileage online. Kevin’s virtual run from Virgina to Oregon is made possible through the National Runners Health Study. He calculates  his daily […]

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Racing for feedback

2010 marked the inaugural year of the Corona Insights Race Survey and Rating System.  Having several runners on staff, and noticing that many races do not gather feedback from race participants, we decided to create a standardized system that race directors can use to improve their services, and that marketing directors can use to promote […]

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Corona Insights presents at NASPD

Kevin Raines, Principal here at Corona Insights, and Gary Thorson, Deputy Director of Colorado State Parks, co-presented today at the National Association of State Park Directors’ conference in Santa Fe, NM. They presented a case study of Colorado State Parks’ recent market assessment conducted by Corona Insights. (Click here to see Colorado State Parks’ press […]

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Pioneer Park – Questions Answered

Corona Insights recently finished conducting a park master plan survey for Pioneer Park in Billings, Montana. This survey was the first step in a larger Master Planning process the City is undertaking to help the Billings Parks and Recreation Department determine how to manage, maintain and strategically allocate park resources at Pioneer Park to best […]

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