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Graphs: An effective tool, but use them carefully

Ahh…the graph.  Where would the business world be without them?  While some of us are just as content looking through a giant spreadsheet full of numbers, graphs can help to illustrate the story more effectively for number geeks and math haters alike.  However, while graphs can be a great tool, there are certainly times when […]

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Explaining a complex world simply and incorrectly

We got a kick out of Tyler Vigen’s blog which demonstrates that mining data doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know what you’re doing.  He looks at large databases to find nominal correlations between completely unrelated variables.  Let’s see if you can come up with some theories to explain why divorce rates in […]

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Yes, that college degree is still worth the cost of attendance

Here at Corona, we help organizations make strategic decisions via our research and strategy services. But individuals can also use research to make strategic decisions. We read a lot these days about the cost of higher education. While rises in health care costs get more attention, inflation in higher education costs have actually outpaced them, […]

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Using data to improve your life

It’s easy to dream of all of the ways in which organizations can use data to further their business.  The fun doesn’t have to only be left up to organizations, though: have you ever stopped to think about all of the ways data can be used in everyday life? Similar to organizations, individuals can benefit […]

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Big data is not required for big insights

  You’ve probably heard a lot about Big Data. Big Data is going to change the world. Big Data is going to change how organizations are run. Big Data is going to clean our garage and walk our dog. Big Data vs. Small/Medium Data And maybe Big Data will do that–for big organizations. If you’re […]

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Sometimes beautiful data is only skin deep

We’ve been talking a lot about the importance of conveying data visually lately (ok, and not-so-lately…here are posts from 2008 and 2011), and you have no doubt  recently heard a thing or two about big data. And while we love beautiful infographics, and the power of big data (and medium data), we must be careful not […]

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How’s your driving? Using data to answer your questions.

You’ve probably heard about auto insurance companies offering discounts based on actual driving behavior (collected by a device plugged into the car).  Progressive’s Snapshot discount is one such example that has been heavily promoted. Why are insurance companies turning to these devices? One w0rd: risk. The more accurately they can gauge their risk of having […]

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The Power of Numbers

Numbers are an interesting thing. We all have an innate sense of quantities, but numbers are a culturally agreed upon format for representing those quantities. When we are trying to convey quantitative information to other people, the choice between “7 days” vs. “1 week” or “100 out of 300” vs. “1 out of 3” often […]

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Demographics and Political Representation

Per longstanding tradition, we had a presidential election in 2004, and per longstanding tradition, there was debate about whether the Electoral College was a fair way to elect a president.  Now, I’m not a political junkie so I make no claims of expertise in that area, however my intrigue with data and demographics hooked me […]

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Cartography: Pros and Cons

Data visualizations and infographics have grown in popularity. More and more data is produced and our ability to absorb it in a meaningful manner has decreased.  By relying more on graphics and less on numbers alone to tell the story, the key message(s) can more easily be distilled. (Follow us on Facebook where we frequently […]

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