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Public Health Blogging Series Recap

A look back this past quarter's blog series on public health.

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Marijuana and Public Health – The Complicated Story of Impact We’re Still Writing

Andrew Streight considers the impact of the passage of Amendment 64 from the lens of a public health practitioner, from 2012 to 2019.

By Andrew StreightRead More

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Making the world a healthier place

Wondering what it takes to work in public health? We explore some of the characteristics and career paths for people who work every day to make our communities healthier.

By Matt HerndonRead More

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Understand the People, Understand the Problem.

The rise of holistic thinking in social issues

By Kevin RainesRead More

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Public health policy and advocacy in Colorado: A case study in tobacco and vaping

Andrew notes the importance and challenges involved in public health policy and advocacy in Colorado, using tobacco use and teen vaping as a case study.

By Andrew StreightRead More

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Colorado Teen Health

Over the past few years, Corona has had several projects related to teen health, such marijuana, smoking, and mental health, to name a few. Kate Darwent summarizes some of the biggest health concerns that teens in Colorado face today.

By Kate DarwentRead More

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Exploring the World of Public Health

As an introduction for our newest blogging series, we first consider a few definitions of “public health.” What does it mean to you?

By Andrew StreightRead More

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Community Challenges Recap

We wrap up our blog series this quarter with a recap of the post we’ve written on issues facing our communities.

By Matt HerndonRead More

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9,900% Growth

Colorado’s population has grown over the past century, but not evenly across the state. In this blog, Matt explores the interesting patterns of population change in Colorado.

By Matt BruceRead More

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The Challenging Landscape of Public Education

Public education is hard. However, here are a few examples of Corona’s clients who are trying to make the educational world a better place.

By Corona InsightsRead More

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