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A framework for data-driven strategic marketing

In case you missed the announcement, we’d like to mention again that here at Corona we’ve recently re-designed our website to be aligned with our customer groups by sector (business, nonprofit, and government). It was a decision inspired by our desire to acknowledge our customers’ unique needs across each of these areas. Honing in more […]

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Corona in action

What better way to learn about the quality work Corona does than through the experiences of our various customers? Check out our updated Case Studies to see Corona in action. Over the years, Corona has helped a wide array of customers through market research and strategic consulting answer the questions most important to them, and […]

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Market research is dead. Long live market research.

Traditional market research is dead.  I’ve heard this multiple times in the past and I’m betting you have too.  To be fair, traditional market research (often simplified as surveys and focus groups) isn’t without its challenges, but to say it is dead is carving its headstone a little prematurely. So why have so many people […]

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Porsche’s research shows they need to change perceptions

We don’t just like good research – we like seeing good research leading to real change in organizations. Take Porsche for example.  Through a “raft of market research” they learned that potential buyers are viewing Porsche vehicles as unfit for everyday driving and use. Porsche’s new campaign therefore is focusing on showing their vehicles in […]

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Listening to your market

Consumer spending habits can change rather quickly, and what worked in the past for businesses might not necessarily work today.  To stay ahead of the game, savvy companies evolve to make the most of consumer trends by listening to their target markets (not just their current customers) to truly understand what people want. A company […]

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