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Changemakers and the Synergistic Business Model
Recently, Karla posted an article on introducing that readership to Corona’s Synergistic Business Model™. You can read Karla’s article, “Naming and claiming the nonprofit business model,” on CausePlanet. Denise McMahan, Founder/Publisher of CausePlanet, provided the following commentary on this article and the Synergistic Business Model™ in relation to a new book by Beverly Schwartz […]
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Synergistic Business Model on
Karla Raines has been on the forefront of shaping the nonprofit sector’s thinking about business models.  Check out her recent article on “Naming and claiming the nonprofit business model.” While we’ve been using and promoting Corona Insights’ Synergistic Business Model™  for quite a while, it was exciting to see it on this widely used and […]
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Official launch of the Synergistic Business Model™
After years of incubating and firsthand client experience, Corona Insights has unleashed the Synergistic Business Model™ to the nonprofit community.  While several clients have already been working with it, the model made its public debut at the Colorado Nonprofit Association 2010 Fall Conference and then went virtual with its first introductory webinar (more to come!). Colleagues […]
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Webinar – Introduction to the Synergistic Business Model
Did you miss Corona’s workshop, “Redefining Your Business Model,” at the  Colorado Nonprofit Association Conference this fall?” Struggling with a component of your business model? Ready to take your organization’s impact to scale? Corona Insights will be hosting a complimentary webinar on October 22 at 1:00 pm MDT to introduce you to their very ownSynergistic […]
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From engaging to capturing – rethinking business models that stick
As a strategist, I’m frequently looking over the horizon to see what’s next. At other times, you’ll see me scanning side-to-side looking for forces that may be coming together in new or unexpected ways. Sometimes hindsight puts much of it into perspective. Looking back at 2008 it occurs me that I was well ahead of […]
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Business Model Lessons from CO Girl Scouts
Scouting was big in my family.  My siblings and I were all scouts. I still have my sash covered in merit badges and recall fondly the path of discovery and learning each one symbolizes. Yesterday, many other business and community leaders across Colorado received an email entitled “Changing and Challenging Times for Girl Scouts” from […]
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Living the brand means rethinking the business model
Co-creation of brand A brand is much more than a logo, tagline or key message. It is an authentic expression of a nonprofit’s promise to the world. Branding experts agree our organizations alone don’t control our brands. Brands are co-created with our stakeholders–-our audiences, volunteers, board members, funders, partners and service recipients. One’s perception of the American Red Cross, […]
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Nonprofit Exec = Strategist + Business Model Designer
As a strategic consulting firm, Corona has been advancing an approach to nonprofit strategic planning that links strategy development with nonprofit business model design since early 2010.  We knew we were onto something, but always appreciate an independent study or book that affirms our concept. Now along comes Cynthia A. Montgomery, Timken Professor of Business […]
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Foresights Exemplified – Hello, Nonprofit Business Model
As consultants, we have the privileged opportunity to learn from each customer engagement.  We also practice at our professions. After all that’s what it means to be a practitioner. Each consulting engagement provides a forum for me to hone my associative thinking skills – an opportunity to make connections across ideas and customers – and […]
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Nonprofit Business Model – A Definition
A few years ago I realized that the phrase “business model” was being used more and more in nonprofit settings.  Intrigued, I did a little research and found several definitions for the private sector but none specifically for nonprofits.  The language that seemed to fit across sectors focused on the logic of an organization.  It’s […]
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