As consultants, we have the privileged opportunity to learn from each customer engagement.  We also practice at our professions. After all that’s what it means to be a practitioner.

Each consulting engagement provides a forum for me to hone my associative thinking skills – an opportunity to make connections across ideas and customers – and to see patterns.  I did just that in 2008 when I designed a new, synergistic service delivery model for Rebuilding Together Metro Denver while consulting on their strategic business plan.  RTMD was part of Rose Community Foundation’s 3-year BOOST initiative.

Little did I know at the time that I was on the forefront of a movement – to name and claim the nonprofit business model.  After my ah ha with Rebuilding Together, I found myself continually going back to that initial idea and fleshing it out.  I read, chatted, learned, and absorbed what I could on this nonprofit business model notion.  Then, ta da (and two years in the skunk works), the Synergistic Business Model framework was born.

Foresight – Perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred. Sometimes foresight is easier to see after it has occurred.

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