As a strategic consulting firm, Corona has been advancing an approach to nonprofit strategic planning that links strategy development with nonprofit business model design since early 2010.  We knew we were onto something, but always appreciate an independent study or book that affirms our concept.

Now along comes Cynthia A. Montgomery, Timken Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.  Professor Montgomery is a trail blazer herself, having researched and written about strategy for decades with Michael Porter of HBS.   Her latest book, The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs, was published by HarperBusiness in 2012.

I was struck by this quote from HBS’s weekly Working Knowledge email from July 2012, which highlights Professor Montgomery’s book.  After addressing the important role CEOs play as lead strategists for their organizations, the author writes the following:

 “Strategists also must lead the charge in creating organizations that can deliver on their intentions. That means building business models with mutually reinforcing parts. Rich in organizational detail, and anchored on purpose, such systems of value creation ‘make strategy the animating force in a company,’ says Montgomery. They’re the crucial link between lofty ideas and action.”

I meet too many nonprofit leaders who simply don’t make time to be strategic – or learn how to become more strategic.  They are consumed by the daily tactical demands.  It’s unfortunate.  Perhaps this quote will nudge them along:

“Leading strategy is not so much a task as it is a never-ending quest,” says Professor Cynthia Montgomery.

Need help in the quest?  Contact Corona Insights about our of counsel strategist or Chief Strategy Officer services.  Interested in building a business model that creates value via mutually reinforcing parts?  Request our white paper on the Synergistic Business Model™ or check out my prior blogs on the topic.