This is the fifth in our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the collective vision in IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s soon-to-be-completed cultural plan.  The plan will be completed by year-end.  From now through November 22nd, Denver residents are invited to share their thoughts by visiting

Vision #4 – Exposure, appreciation and participation in arts, culture and creativity span our lifetimes.

From formal, school-based programs in public and private schools to formal and informal adult education, the Denver community is rich in resources that encourage art appreciation and engagement.  Regardless of age or tenure, people can find the educational offerings to help reach new heights as artists and creatives, or dip their toe into something new and inspiring. The positive ripple effects of creative learning and expression, from problem-solving to design, are apparent throughout the city.

How will we achieve this vision by 2020?  Here are two of the recommended strategies.

  • Enhance arts education opportunities for students from early childhood settings to K-12 schools and colleges/universities
  • Strengthen the pathway to careers for Denver high school and college graduates in the city’s arts, culture and creative employment sector

If there is one thing Denverites are passionate about when it comes to arts, culture and creativity in their city it is arts education.  They want to see more of it in schools – and they’d love to see it in every school.

We ART Denver.

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