Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Corona Insights employee Catherine Rockey


Equity and Access in Translation, Part 2: Evaluating Accessibility

In the first installment of our exploration into equity and access in translated texts, we delved into linguistic and cultural considerations for ensuring content is comprehensible, accessible, and inclusive for all. Now, in part two, we shift our focus to the research methodologies employed to evaluate the comprehensibility of content and improve access for all users.

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Corona Insights employee Gracia Seeley


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Quantitative Data

We strive for accurate, inclusive representation in our quantitative research. Here are a few tactics we use to ensure quality results.

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Corona Insights employee Catherine Rockey


Equity and Access in Translation, Part 1

In the digital era, offering translations for online content is a no-brainer for inclusivity. But are automated tools really doing justice to your message? And why does it matter if translations are a little off? It all boils down to equity and access. Discover how the principles of plain language apply to online communications, especially when touching on sensitive subjects like legal processes or mental health discussions.

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Photo of employee Annie Theodoropoulos


How Our Research Impacts Us as Individuals

Getting the chance to work with different voices and individuals requires us as researchers to expand our minds and perspectives every day. Not only does this let us grow as professionals and better serve diverse populations in the future, but it allows us to expand as individuals, letting us walk around in the world more empathetic and understanding.

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What’s your readability score and why should you care?

We all want to make sure our audience can easily understand what we write. Most people do not have the patience to sift through complicated sentences and jargon. They want to get to the punch line and move on with their day.

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Covid-19 by the numbers: Impacts on families and children

With Covid-19 cases on the rise again, mask mandates being reinstated, and concerns around the Omicron variant, families with children under 18 continue experiencing some of the greatest impacts of the pandemic.

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Photo of employee Jim Pripusich


Examining The New Way The 2020 Census Asked About Race

We explore what this change means for data collection and what other adjustments we might expect in the future.

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Photo of employee Kate Darwent


Issues of Bias and Equity in Hiring

Read about how we’ve revamped our hiring process to address bias and equity.

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Photo of employee Jim Pripusich


What if the US Senate was a survey sample?

Jim pretends the 2021 US Senate was a survey sample to demonstrate how unrepresentative the body is of the country’s demographics.

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It’s Time to Do the Work

Last summer we made a promise to you, our clients and our community at-large, that we are committed to embedding anti-racism principles in every step of our work.

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