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Mapping Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Colorado

Matt uses Esri’s Diversity Index to explore how racial and ethnic diversity changes over space and time in Colorado.

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


Denver – The Ellis Island of Colorado

Kevin explores the hypothesis that new Colorado residents tend to move to Denver, first, then elsewhere in the state.

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


Colorado Media Project

If you’d like to learn more about how Coloradans access arts and culture, and how the news media interacts with the arts, we’ve got some good news for you. Read more here.

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Colorado Population 2040: 4 Trends to Watch

After primarily serving the population of Colorado over Corona’s 20-year history, we note 4 key projections that paint the picture of Colorado’s population in 2040.

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2020 Election Cycle Brings Spotlight to Colorado

We are heading to another presidential election cycle. Colorado always garners attention as a purple state, but we can expect the 2020 election to be especially interesting. In this blog, Molly Hagan highlights some of the changes that will reshape the Colorado voting landscape.

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Corona Insights employee Kevin Raines


The Many Lands of Colorado

We look at how different organizations divide Colorado into regions, and we examine the commonalities and differences.

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