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What do we mean by “arts” and “culture?”

As a philosopher turned strategy consultant, sometimes I like to begin my analysis of the wide range of data we work with at Corona Insights by stepping back and digging deeper into the key words that tie a set of information together. Understanding the linguistic root of a word as well as the evolution of […]

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Disrupting the membership machine: An interview with Rosie Siemer

Membership programs are ubiquitous. From credit card companies to professional associations and cultural institutions, it seems like everyone is vying for our loyalty, engagement, and money. In a society based in consumerism, the ways we engage members are looking more and more alike across sectors and fields. That consolidation is quickening as consumer expectations shape […]

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Corona Insights employee Karla Raines


Realizing Denver’s dreams for arts and culture: An interview with Kent Rice

In mid-October, Denver announced the retirement of Kent Rice the Executive Director of Denver Arts & Venues. Kent came into city government as an appointee under Mayor John Hickenlooper. What he thought might be a short-term gig turned into a career-defining 8-year journey. I had the pleasure of working with Kent and his wonderful team […]

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The Impact of Arts and Culture

Measuring the impact that arts and culture has on a community can be difficult; however, it is something that funders and researchers have become quite interested in. Sometimes it might be difficult to measure the impact because the results happen so far down the road. For example, research funded by the National Endowment for the […]

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