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They get one right

In a recent post, Auto Dealers and their Research, I chastised businesses that try to sway customer surveys in order to look good, without trying to learn anything from the research.

Well, to be fair, I want to offer some praise for something they recently got right. I recently made several trips to my auto dealer to fix a minor problem under warranty. Four trips into the process it still hadn’t been fixed and on each trip, their “repairs” were causing more damage. I got a survey, filled it out online with my experience and provided my contact information. Less than two days later, I received a phone call from the service manager apologizing and offering to personally take care of it himself.

It is great to see a company actually have the systems in place to route surveys both correctly and quickly. The only problem? At the end of the final visit, they said that I would be getting another survey and asked if I would please give them passing scores. Oh well, it’s a start.

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