This is the seventh in our series of blogs dedicated to showcasing the collective vision in IMAGINE 2020 – Denver’s soon-to-be-completed cultural plan.  The plan will be completed by year-end.  From now through November 22nd, Denver residents are invited to share their thoughts by visiting

Vision #6 – Denver’s economic vitality is accelerated by arts, culture and creativity.

Arts, culture and creativity are an essential component of Denver’s thriving economy, from arts districts and creative industries to cultural tourism. The city embraces and nurtures creative industries. New public/private partnerships are forged to spur economic vitality and job creation. Resources and infrastructure are in place to leverage and invest in future financial prosperity. Denver tells the full story of economic impact of arts, culture and creativity – across nonprofit, for-profit and government sectors.

How will we achieve this vision by 2020?  Here are a few of the recommended strategies.

  • Increase cultural tourism in partnership with VISIT DENVER
  • Document the full economic impact of all arts, cultural and creative enterprises in Denver via an annual “State of the Arts” report

We ART Denver. Oh yea.

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