The infographic below from OnlineColleges definitely makes the case for smartphone addiction.  Whether you want to call it addiction or not, smartphones and their siblings (i.e. tablets) have become essential to many people.

From the technical abilities to the personal nature of the devices (they always have it with them), smartphones may also become an addiction to market researchers.  For example…

  • Conducting ethnographic research can be simpler by the ability to collect video diaries or photos.  Asking a respondent to do so no longer requires extra hassle on their part.
  • Gathering feedback in the moment.  Not the next day or a week from now.
  • Geo targeting of respondents. Know where they are and have been (with permission) to better target surveys to them.
  • Receive feedback when respondents have time on the go (during a cab ride, at the airport…), not just when they are at home or on a computer.

Of course, successful market research  still requires a trained researcher asking the right questions, and we must be mindful of safety and ethics, but with careful planning a wealth of insight can more easily be gained.



Via Mashable.