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Missouri Colleges and Universities: Private or Public

A while back, we posted some demographic information about the origins of foreign college students in Missouri.  As we continue examining Missouri college demographics, here are a few more snippets for you, focusing on student age and on public schools versus private schools.

70% of college students in Missouri go to public universities, while 30% go to private schools.  However, age plays a role, with younger students more likely to pursue their education via public schools.  While private schools in Missouri have only a 25% market share of students in the traditional undergraduate age categories of 18 to 21, they hold a 33% market share of students age 30 and older.

And lest you underrate them, those college students age 30 and older represent a big market.  They represent 28% of enrollment at public colleges and universities in Missouri, and 32% of students at private colleges and universities.

Strategy paying off

In January, our friends at the Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) announced the creation of the Judith and Joseph Wagner Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research. The founder and director of CWHR, Judith Regensteiner, PHD, will hold the prestigious chair. She is a nationally recognized researcher and advocate in women’s health. Regensteiner has  published internationally regarded research which focuses on the effects of diabetes on the cardiovascular system. The $2 million endowed chair is one of the few chairs in women’s health research in the nation and is the first at the University of Colorado. The community recognized the significance of this historic milestone in women’s health research at the University of Colorado, and Judith and Joseph Wagner’s gift inspired more than forty individuals and foundations in the community to complete funding for the Chair.

As the Center for Women’s Health Research’s strategic partner, the announcement of this major milestone made everyone at Corona smile. In a time when government spending on research is being cut and many nonprofits struggle to attract donors, the CWHR has accomplished what seemed impossible five years ago. In early 2009, the Center for Women’s Health Research embarked on a thoughtful strategic planning process to provide definition and direction to its mission, distinctive competence, vision, values, research model, and overarching organizational strategy. This strategic plan outlined a bold vision for CWHR and elevated the Center’s strategy to a new level. The plan positioned the Center to leverage their place within the University of Colorado Denver, and position themselves as a research leader in woman health in the community.

Congratulations to the Center for advancing a bold strategic vision. This is only the beginning of the good work to come from an organization committed to transforming women’s health.

Visit CWHR’s website for more information about the organization.

Denver Law raised their rankings

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law has been on a steady ascent in the coveted US News and World Report rankings. The 2012 results were just released and the upward trend continues. Aside from loving numbers and supporting a local institution, why do we care particularly at Corona? Dean Marty Katz released a statement with the following quote:

“While it is important to keep rankings such as this in perspective, our consistent upward movement suggests that people are noticing all of the great work that we are doing in implementing our strategic plan. The University also has seen the benefit of adding faculty and improving student-faculty ratios and has seen innovative new bar passage programs pay off with a steady climb in passage rates.”

Corona completed the strategic planning process for the law school at the end of 2009. It has been immensely successful for Denver Law and award-winning for Corona. Click here to read the full case study or read the strategic plan.  Corona’s analytics team has also been helping Denver Law improve their bar pass rates with much clear success.

Corona in action

What better way to learn about the quality work Corona does than through the experiences of our various customers? Check out our updated Case Studies to see Corona in action. Over the years, Corona has helped a wide array of customers through market research and strategic consulting answer the questions most important to them, and then guide them from insights to successful outcomes.

You may have noticed some other recent changes to Corona’s website. We apply proven research methods and strategic insights to all of our customers, across sectors and industries. Keep checking back to find out how we can help your nonprofit, business, government agency or higher education institution.

1001th Project

As we closed the books on 2011, Corona was also wrapping up their 1001th project. We love numbers here at Corona, so could not let this milestone go unrecognized.

We were pleased to learn that lucky project #1001 was for the Iliff School of Theology. Corona has engaged with Iliff since 2007 when we created an influential Strategic Enrollment Marketing Plan for the institution, as well as a strategic business plan . Since then, Corona has led various research projects for Iliff, looking into new market segments, student enrollment opportunities and testing new curriculum ideas.

Our ongoing relationship with Iliff is a hallmark of Corona’s brand – combining our market research and strategic consulting expertise in the higher education field to provide ongoing data-driven insights that lead to proven results. Learn more about Iliff’s success as well as their 2010 and 2011 awards. Click here to read a testimonial from their VP of Marketing Communications & Strategic Partnerships.

Cheers to project 1001!

Fun college student demographics

We’re doing some research at the moment on college student demographics in Missouri, and developed some fun statistics on the foreign student population.

You might be able to guess the two largest populations of foreign students, particularly if you went to an engineering college – Chinese, then Indian.  But what countries occupy Spots 3 through 10 on the list?  Some of them may surprise you.

  1. Chinese
  2. Asian Indian
  3. Korean
  4. Japanese
  5. African (no detail)
  6. Sudanese
  7. Russian
  8. Colombian
  9. Taiwanese
  10. Serbian

Serbian?  Sudanese?  We’re guessing you can win some friendly wagers with this information.  And we’re wondering if the Colombian students disproportionately attend the University of Missouri-Columbia in a lucky marketing coincidence.

Corona takes home Gold Peak Award from CO-AMA for Market Research

Corona Insights is honored to have received a Gold Peak Award for our market research work to inform the University of Denver Sturm College of Law’s strategic plan. This award recognizes both Corona’s quality research skills, as well as the positive outcomes of data-driven decision making.

About the awards:  Hosted by the Colorado Chapter of the American Marketing Association (CO-AMA), the 23rd Annual Peak Awards “are the one opportunity for the entire Colorado marketing community (B2B, B2C, traditional to direct to digital marketing) to be recognized for exceptional marketing.”

The event was held at the ever-changing Museum of Contemporary Art.  Several members of the Corona team were present to accept this award.

An extra congratulations to some past Corona customers and familiar faces who received awards this year: Iliff School of Theology and The Space Foundation.

Click here to read about Corona’s Silver Peak award last year for our rebranding.