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Yes, that college degree is still worth the cost of attendance

Here at Corona, we help organizations make strategic decisions via our research and strategy services. But individuals can also use research to make strategic decisions. We read a lot these days about the cost of higher education. While rises in health care costs get more attention, inflation in higher education costs have actually outpaced them, […]

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How to creatively solve problems

I read this article in the Atlantic a few months ago which described how a surprising number of inventions and innovations in various fields are coming from people who are not experts in the field of interest. It reminded me of how some scientists have created computer games based on real world problems, and people […]

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Missouri Colleges and Universities: Private or Public

A while back, we posted some demographic information about the origins of foreign college students in Missouri.  As we continue examining Missouri college demographics, here are a few more snippets for you, focusing on student age and on public schools versus private schools. 70% of college students in Missouri go to public universities, while 30% […]

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Strategy paying off

In January, our friends at the Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR) announced the creation of the Judith and Joseph Wagner Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research. The founder and director of CWHR, Judith Regensteiner, PHD, will hold the prestigious chair. She is a nationally recognized researcher and advocate in women’s health. Regensteiner has  published […]

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Denver Law raised their rankings

DU gains in national law school rankings due to successful implementation of their strategic plan.

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Corona in action

What better way to learn about the quality work Corona does than through the experiences of our various customers? Check out our updated Case Studies to see Corona in action. Over the years, Corona has helped a wide array of customers through market research and strategic consulting answer the questions most important to them, and […]

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1001th Project

As we closed the books on 2011, Corona was also wrapping up their 1001th project. We love numbers here at Corona, so could not let this milestone go unrecognized. We were pleased to learn that lucky project #1001 was for the Iliff School of Theology. Corona has engaged with Iliff since 2007 when we created […]

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Fun college student demographics

We’re doing some research at the moment on college student demographics in Missouri, and developed some fun statistics on the foreign student population. You might be able to guess the two largest populations of foreign students, particularly if you went to an engineering college – Chinese, then Indian.  But what countries occupy Spots 3 through […]

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Corona takes home Gold Peak Award from CO-AMA for Market Research

Corona Insights is honored to have received a Gold Peak Award for our market research work to inform the University of Denver Sturm College of Law’s strategic plan. This award recognizes both Corona’s quality research skills, as well as the positive outcomes of data-driven decision making. About the awards:  Hosted by the Colorado Chapter of […]

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