One of the most important things that we’ve learned in our twenty years of business is that things change.  Attitudes change, issues change, technology changes, our clients’ needs change, and … well, everything changes if you watch it long enough.

And as we kickoff the new year, we’re excited to announce another change. As of January 1st, long-time Principal David Kennedy is the first non-Raines employee to be appointed as the company’s CEO.  Congratulations, David!

David Kennedy, Principal

If you ever hang around the Corona Insights office (and we hope you do), then you probably know David.  He joined Corona Insights fourteen years ago, not long after we moved to downtown Denver from our Capitol Hill startup space, and he’s been a leader for us ever since.

For our clients, David has provided exemplary work.  He has completed more than 200 projects for clients in Colorado, across the United States, and even internationally, putting his stamp on innumerable organizations and issues.  But less visible to our clients, he has also made his mark internally.  He leads our company’s marketing and branding efforts, and keeps us on the forefront in the methodologies and the legal requirements of our industry. 

Over his fourteen years, David has led key elements of the firm, so as 2020 begins we’re pleased to hand over the full reins.

“David has the full confidence of Team Corona. We can’t wait to see where we go next.”

Karla Raines

And what does that mean for Kevin and Karla?  For the past 20 years, we have worn three hats in the company – owners, managers, and client-serving principals.  We’re not going anywhere, as we’ll retain our ownership and principal roles.  But we’re delighted to transition company management to David so we can tackle some new ideas we’ve been incubating over the years.  Stay tuned!