I’m often asked, “How can we ensure our strategic plan doesn’t sit on a shelf?” The question typically arises as executives and boards consider how best to approach the planning process – and which consultant can facilitate a successful outcome.

By its very nature, a strategic planning process raises expectations and anxiety. And no plan is worth the investment if it sits on a shelf.

While the question is spot-on, it’s being asked of the wrong person. The next time I find that question directed at me I think I’ll pull the small mirror out of my purse as I say, “What a great question. It’s simple really. Success actually begins with you. You’ll need three things: committed leadership, access to resources and accountability for results. I can help you get there, but you’ve got to keep the dust off the plan.”

Strategic success is as easy as 1, 2, 3.Wanna know a secret? Strategic success is as easy as…