Announcing, the birth of MythTrouncers!

As a firm, we’ve talked about launching a short series of blogs that address market research myths as a form of educating the masses. It wasn’t my idea…but now that I have found some pockets of time for writing, I’m stealing the idea and running with it. So there.

We’ll approach this in a MythBusters-type fashion, picking apart one myth each episode (a.k.a. blog) at a time. Unfortunately, we probably won’t have any explosions and in an effort to avoid any copyright funny-business, we shall refer to this series as MythTrouncers.

While I was still considering whether or not to write about market research myths (prior to stealing the idea), I happened to be on the UPS website where I noticed a link to an article on their site, “5 myths of going global”. It’s a quick and interesting piece on assumptions that business owners might make which hold them back from entering international markets. I became even more intrigued after reading “5 business myths to ditch now” on CNN Money. I especially like #3 on that list since it suggests that research can shine light on potential customer segments you might have assumed weren’t in your ballpark.

The list of business-related myths goes on and on, the old wives’ tales (old CEOs’ tales?) of the business world.

It seems that, even just in the two articles referenced above, one of the greatest threats of accepting myths into your reality without questioning them is a loss of potential. The only step we can take to trounce myths is to seek information…good information. So our goal with this series will be to provide you with the information you need in order to make good choices about research which will in turn help you make the best choices for your business.

What myths do you believe? What information are you missing?

Tune in again soon for our first trounce.