Oreo has long been known for its tagline of being “America’s Favorite Cookie” (and more recently the “World’s Favorite Cookie”) but now it has the data to say it is also the most “liked” cookie. This past Tuesday, the company completed its social media campaign to set the Guinness World Record for most Facebook “likes” to a post in 24 hours—officially making it the most “liked” cookie, as well.  The brand has over 16 million people in its Facebook community, and it also used its website and Twitter page to drive even more people to Facebook during the 24-hour campaign.  The initial goal to make this a legitimate Guinness World Record was 45,000, and the final number for the day came to 114,619. However, once rapper Lil Wayne and his digital manager became aware of Oreo’s record attempt, the record was quickly broken thanks to the 20 million plus fans in the rapper’s Facebook community.  Lil Wayne’s total “likes” in a 24-hour period: 588,243. So what’s the key takeaway from this?  Oreo was able to integrate all aspects of its social media to leverage its online fan base enough to set a new Guinness World Record.  But, Lil Wayne has no doubt done a better job engaging his online fans over time—meaning they were much more likely to respond to a Facebook post.  How do you engage your online audience?