Gregg Moss, Denver 9News business reporter, is wearing local company shirts throughout the month of February.  Corona recently sent our own bright orange shirt to Gregg and we’d like to offer the following reasons for him to wear our shirt:

  1. Corona’s “shining sun” logo is welcome on early morning broadcasts in February.
  2. Corona could help Gregg strategically approach the selection of company shirts to wear.
  3. Not just anyone can wear our shirt.  As a bright thinker, Gregg Moss most definitely can.
  4. Our research with moms shows that Gregg Moss’s ratings will spike through the roof if he wears a Corona shirt.
  5. Gregg was emcee at the Small Business of the Year Award luncheon, the year Corona was Small Business of the Year.

What more reasons could he need? 🙂