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Changing perceptions

Service has changed.  It’s still changing.

  • You now use ATMs instead of a window teller.  Maybe you’ve even gone cashless and do everything online.
  • How often do you go into a gas station instead of just paying at the pump?
  • When is the last time you went to a library for reference material instead of searching online databases?
  • How many airline employees do you interact with BEFORE your flight?

Think of the many ways your touch points with customers have changed.  Have you updated your services accordingly?

Are you tracking your customers’ perceptions and satisfaction?  And just as importantly, their changing expectations?

One comment on “Changing perceptions”

  1. This is true, as companies seek to increase effeciency and lower costs, they tend to de-humanize many processes. Yet several new buzz words indicate that customer service is the new marketing? If this is true, your statements are even more important in tracking and providing excellent customer service whether human or machine.

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