Corona is pleased to share some recent research conducted on behalf of the Colorado Nonprofit Association. Corona has been a long time partner with the Colorado Nonprofit Association and yesterday morning marked the official release of two reports on individual giving in Colorado (Corona researched and assisted with writing the report, “Generous Colorado: Why Donors Give”).

A few interesting findings, included:

  • Nearly all Coloradans surveyed believe nonprofits play a major role in making our communities better places to live.  Furthermore, most Coloradans believe that all businesses should support charitable causes.
  • The top three reasons people select the charities they support are as follows: they believe the organization is trustworthy (98 percent), they believe the organization is well-managed and effective (96 percent), and they believe the organization supports a cause they believe in (96 percent).
  • Other than their spouse or significant other, few residents consult others when making their decisions about charitable giving. Forty-three percent consult a spouse or significant other;  another 38 percent don’t consult with anyone.
  • The typical volunteer provides upwards of 20 hours per month to their cause(s).
  • Forty-six percent said they would give less due to the current economy.
  • The most common means of contact that compels a person to donate (time or money) is being asked to do so by a person they know.

Click here for the full report.