Strategic Consulting

A dynamic landscape

Everyday organizations face competing priorities and a shifting external environment. Corona Insights’ strategic consulting team partners with each customer to understand their complex world and guide them to effective solutions. It is this big picture perspective that makes our work truly strategic.

Data-informed planning

At Corona, we draw on our proven research methods, knowledge of best practices, and associative thinking skills to determine what’s possible and how we’re going to get there. In addition, Corona applies our own proprietary frameworks, such as the Synergistic Business Model (pdf) in our consulting engagements.

Custom guidance

It’s tempting to jump into tactics without ever setting a strategy. But if you don’t, work becomes frustrating and inefficient, not to mention expensive. Our team enables organizations to stretch their thinking and see new opportunities.

In working together, we help customers embrace the latest thinking in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors on everything from competitive positioning to financial/business models. We’ve seen what works and we know what doesn’t. It’s this expertise that our customers find so valuable.