Measuring impacts

What services do your clients need most?  Is your program changing lives in the way you intended?  Is your staff able to implement your program the way it was designed?

Corona can help answer these questions and others by designing an evaluation plan that is tailored to you.  If you are just getting started, we can work with you to build a logic model and gather the data you need to improve the program.  If you have a well-established program, we can design and execute a rigorous evaluation to help make the case for expansion or becoming an evidence-based program.  Additionally, we maintain up-to-date certification in Human Subjects Protections training and can help you with the an Independent or Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, should you need it.

From qualitative to quantitative, we gather the data that best answer your questions.  We document the narratives that give voice to your impacts.   We also have the statistical expertise to quantify your outcomes. Evaluation can be complex, so we want to make sure that we are providing you with not only reliable data, but useful data.  We strive to produce easy-to-understand reports that you will be comfortable sharing.

We act as your partner to help answer questions along the way and make sure that we understand and best capture the goals of your organization and your programming.

Improving programs

Not only do we know how to collect reliable data, but we get a thrill from uncovering those precious nuggets of information that help your organization succeed. From helping governments understand the needs or trends in a community to helping nonprofits evaluate the impact of their programs, we transform data into actionable results.