As I continue my work guided by the documents and agreements made in relation to the Strategic Plan I feel a tremendous sense of appreciation for you and your unquestioned contribution to advancing Tweet Kimball’s vision and the long term sustainability of Cherokee Ranch.

—James A. Holmes

CEO & Executive Director, Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation

Corona Insights has been a great consultancy to work with. They are responsive, thorough, and always seem to have a great idea of what we need to get the project completed.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

The Denver Foundation has worked with Corona Insights on several different projects. They consistently provide work that is thoughtful, responsive, and useful. The quality of their team and the quality of their products are both top notch.

—David Miller

Former President and CEO, The Denver Foundation

They were consummate professionals. They handled tough questions well and did a great job of not only conducting a solid, accurate survey, but gaining the trust of a community.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

The key findings from the Corona report were instrumental in guiding the ACVIM’s marketing and communications strategies to increase awareness of veterinary specialty medicine to primary care veterinarians and the animal owning public.

—Roberta Herman

CEO, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM)

They do what they say they will, accurately and quickly.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

Webb Strategic Communications has always valued its partnership with Corona Insights. Their team’s expertise has provided invaluable insights for our projects and campaign work, guiding messaging and direction on complicated behavioral change topics.

—Pete Webb

Principal, Webb Strategic Communications

The staff is not only professional with a great depth of knowledge but easy and enjoyable to work with.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

Thanks for keeping us out of the weeds and rabbit holes as best possible!  Our group felt free to opine yet left the retreat united with direction. On Monday I got to work and started implementing the decisions you helped us navigate to execution.


BTW, Karla, you were fabulous at the retreat. Thank you for your and Andrew’s excellent work.  We value you so much.

—Pat Peterson

President & CEO, Colorado Cancer Research Program

Solid methodology and exceptional analysis and counsel.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

If repeat customers are an indication of quality service, Corona Insights has to be rated as excellent because CML has been coming back every year since 2008 to partner on our annual State of our Cities and Towns survey. Corona Insights crafts the survey, collects the data, and delivers an analysis of the results providing a complete package. They are responsive and helpful every step of the way.

—Mark Radtke

Municipal Research Analyst (retired), Colorado Municipal League

Corona Insights is highly knowledgeable in market research and evaluation, and their team demonstrated quick understanding of our complex issue and needs. Their delivery was timely and professional, and they worked to adapt the work to meet our budget.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

Corona Insights was introduced to us last year. After struggling for year with evaluation and customer service they have been like a breath of fresh air. Not only are they well educated and experts in the essential areas of evaluation, they make themselves available to us as if they worked here at FRIENDS FIRST. Their work is timely, professional and highly intellectual yet presented in laymen terms so that not only my staff but stakeholders can understand, relate to and utilize the data.   I also appreciate the personal interest they have taken in getting to know all facets of our organization. Thank you Corona Insights. I am looking forward to a very long business relationship.

—Elycia R. Cook

Executive Director, Friends First

It’s a pleasure to find a group that actually does better work than their competitors at a lower cost.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

Working with Corona Insights for nearly a decade has been an important factor in Donor Alliance’s ability to more effectively target and educate its service area about the need for organ and tissue donors. Corona Insights’ research department is impeccable – from A+ customer service, to timely project management, effective goal setting, clear and relevant outcomes and detailed reporting. Partnering with Corona Insights to explore gaps and potential for education has helped our organization achieve its mission.

—Jennifer Moe

Former Communications Outreach Coordinator, Donor Alliance

Responsive, insightful, timely and cost effective.

—From satisfaction survey of Corona’s clients

Colorado Youth Corps Association’s (CYCA) 5-year strategic plan has gained tremendous momentum within the first six-months of implementation. Prior to working with Corona, we’d operated a significant time without a strategic plan – and that led to many disparate efforts on our part. Thanks to our member-driven and board-engaged process we now have a dynamic map to guide us forward. We know where the guardrails exist and what the goals are. As we implement the strategic plan in partnership with our member corps we have a tool to celebrate successes, achieve initial wins, and prepare for the big lifts ahead of us. This has been an overwhelmingly positive period for us. We are grateful to Corona Insights for their ability to facilitate a collaborative process that engaged us every step of the way.

—Scott Segerstrom

Executive Director, CYCA