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Membership Association Recap

Over the past three months we’ve been focusing on our blog writing on membership associations. Here is a recap of our recent posts: How to communicate with members in your organization The importance of segmenting your membership What type of benefits do members care about most? Preferred membership benefits and how they can change over […]

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The Importance and Scale of Membership Associations

We’ve talked a lot this quarter about membership associations and how leaders of such organizations can better understand members’ needs.  To close out our discussion on this topic, we wanted to take a step back and look at just why membership associations matter in the first place. The Importance Membership associations come in all shapes […]

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Assessing Your Organization’s Competition

Just like businesses, many associations compete in a marketplace of demand and supply.  There is a demand for benefits and services from current and potential members. Often, there is a supply of benefits and services from more than one provider (i.e., more than one association).  In some industries, we have seen more than six different […]

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Considerations for researching your members

Corona takes many items into consideration when designing a research plan for our clients. In short, market research includes asking the right people, the right questions, in the right manner, and then conducting the right analyses. Here are a few of the considerations when conducting research with your membership. Research mode What type of contact […]

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Preferred membership benefits and how they can change over time

So far in this series on membership organizations, we’ve discussed communications, segmenting, and the importance of personal benefits. Here we combine the latter two and look at how perceptions of benefits change over time. The reasons someone may join fresh out of college or at the start of a new career is different than someone […]

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What type of benefits do members care about most?

Membership organizations exist to serve their members. So it’s no surprise that Corona is often tasked with uncovering what benefits members find most valuable and what new benefits members are seeking. Similarly, we often conduct research with non-members to measure their awareness of the organization’s benefits and whether they are a “fit” for them. The […]

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The importance of segmenting your membership

Members of associations may often be thought of as a cohesive group but, in fact, rarely are. While all members may be share some unifying characteristic – interest or involvement in an industry or topic – beyond that their needs and preferences can be quite diverse. For instance, members’ needs may vary by: Sector. Government, […]

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How to communicate with members in your organization

One of the most common topics we cover when conducting member research is communication preferences. This makes perfect sense – your organization may be the best at what it does, but if you cannot reach members effectively then what’s the point? So, what is the most preferred way members want to receive communications? Email. Almost […]

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