Given her connection to the community and her passion for understanding the complex realities of sociocultural phenomenon, it comes as no surprise that Molly chose Metro Caring as her recipient for Corona’s $500 donation.

Located at the intersection of 18th and Downing, Metro Caring’s headquarters is in Corona’s backyard and a daily landmark on Molly’s morning commute. Established in 1974, the organization has long been making a positive impact on the extended Denver community. Metro Caring’s focus on sustainable interventions targeting the root causes of hunger are especially noteworthy.

Molly was immediately drawn to Metro Caring’s approach and outlook upon learning about the organization. “One organization cannot solve all the problems facing the Denver metro area. However, the scope of the programs and services offered at Metro Caring highlights how hunger and food insecurity are often interconnected with other systemic issues like affordable housing, employment, poverty, mental health and well-being. Providing human services through the lens of “solidarity, not charity” ensures greater impact and enables participants to realize their own agency.”

Like many of the social phenomenon we study at Corona, hunger cannot be understood in isolation. Metro Caring’s holistic approach moves well beyond providing nutritious food to offer nutrition and cooking education, a job-readiness program, ID assistance, utilities assistance, and SNAP enrollment to everyone in the Denver Metro area. The organization notes: “The roots of an unequal food system go deep, and we know transformation is necessary. The current reality of the charitable food system is managing a problem and diagnosing symptoms – we are committed to tackling root causes and to reimagining new solutions to old problems. We are doing the work to imagine a future that is still a possibility, not a current reality.”

Complex problems require creative solutions. Metro Caring’s partnerships with various corporations, local restaurants, and other non-profits is a great illustration of how a community can come together to address pressing needs. One unique example is the Penny Loafer Pale Ale. Metro Caring supplies wasted bread from Izzio Bakery to The Post Brewery, who employs grains from the bread to brew this ale. For every pint sold, $1 is donated to Metro Caring and Denver Food Rescue.

Throughout 2019, to help celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we are profiling our staff and select clients. Corona is also donating $500 on behalf of each staff person to a charitable organization of their choice. Click here to view all of our interviews. 

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