Time is ticking on holiday gift buying.  Don’t panic though as Corona has you covered, at least for the nerds in your life.

Here are 10 gift ideas for your nerds, or at least those with an offbeat sense of humor.

1.  The complete National Geographic Atlas set.

Who doesn’t like a high quality map?  Day dream of far off places for hours and stay up on current geopolitical boundaries.

2. Data visualization book

Maybe you want to give something even more visually stunning.  David McCandless’s stunning infographics help you visualize data and connect the dots.

3.  How to program data visualization

Or, perhaps, you want to program your own.  Learn how from  a reporter and visual journalist at FiveThirtyEight.com.

 4. ACME Klein Bottle

For the mathematician.  Don’t know what a Klein bottle is? 

 5.  A normal (distribution) pillow

For the statistician.    Other distributions also available (perhaps for the not-so-normal?).

6. “Correlation does not equal causation” t-shirt

Everyone who works in research should have one.


7. Tetris lamp

Instead of those 8-bit gifts, get the gift that keeps on entertaining.

8. Gallium spoon

Gallium “melts” in hot liquid. Perfect for scaring your coworkers during their morning tea or coffee.

9.Delayed Gratification

Give the gift that keeps on giving, albeit slowly.  A leading publication of “slow journalism,” they report with the power of hindsight.

10. The official Coronerd

Beth Mulligan, Principal, knitted our unofficial mascot last year for all employees. Unfortunately, not for sale at this time.