Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector – A Corona POV Series


We enjoy reading stories of significant impact achieved by change makers.  Books such as Forces for Good by Leslie Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant and Rippling by Beverly Schwartz inspire us to ask, “What if?”  We get excited when we read the stories and wonder if their stories could be our stories too.

The organizations profiled in these books engage in specific practices on a routine basis.  The practices are integral to how these nonprofits do business.  In other words, these practices and principles have been integrated into their business models.

They also execute strategically.  They set a course, deploy resources, adapt and continue.  They’ve found a way to embed a strategic orientation into their organizations and align it with their business models.

Are you wondering if a specific practice or principle could enhance your business model, as well?

  • Could we leverage market forces? (Both Forces for Good and Rippling cite this practice)
  • Could we inspire evangelists? (Forces for Good)
  • Could we cultivate empathy?  (Rippling)

If so, then we’ve got a place for you to start.  The bright minds at Corona Insights have reviewed the practices described in Forces for Good and the principles portrayed in Rippling and overlaid them on Corona’s Synergistic Business Model™ framework. We will illustrate these business models and what you need to consider for your nonprofit.

Examples of the new paradigm in nonprofit business models are all around us.  What lessons can you take from these resource books?

View each part of this Corona POV Series:

Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector

#1 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor – You don’t have to be a non-profit to “do good”

#2 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor – The rise of the social entrepreneur

#3 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor – Use of social enterprise practices

#4 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor – Shifting donor expectations

Hold for the Revolution