Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector – A Corona POV Series

At #4 on the list of nonprofit sector transformers and macro disrupters is: Shifting donor expectations


One of the most significant stakeholder groups within the nonprofit sector, donors, have been shifting their modes and expectations for engagement. Some donors are happy to text $10 to meet a crisis, while others are looking for a stronger, clearer return on investment (ROI) over a defined period of time.  This mix of transactional and transformational donors – all of whom expect transparency and superb communications – affects how nonprofits engage and respond.  It’s more challenging than ever to categorize donors or identify prospects.

We’ve described four nonprofit sector transformers and macro disruptors.  The nonprofit sector is clearly in an era being shaped by social entrepreneurs, social enterprise practices, changing donor expectations and the variety of ways of doing good in the world.

Evolutionary change or revolutionary change?  That is the question.

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Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector

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