Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector – A Corona POV Series

The third nonprofit sector transformer and macro disrupter in our series is: Use of social enterprise practices

Amidst persistent financial pressures, political uncertainties and unmet community needs, more nonprofits are pursuing earned income or social enterprise strategies as means of bolstering their economic engines or redefining their business models.  They are creating new paths to mission impact and organizational sustainability in response to changing realities.  Deploying social enterprise approaches within a classic “charity” model can be tricky, as the culture and business model implications are profound.

Transformer and disruptor #4 on our list of is shifting donor expectations.

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Reinventing the Nonprofit Sector

#1 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor- You don’t have to be a non-profit to “do good”.

#2 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor- The rise of the social entrepreneur.

#4 Nonprofit Sector Transformer and Macro Disruptor – Shifting donor expectations.