We can’t believe it’s already been four years since Corona first launched the Radiance Blog.  And, here’s a fun fact: seven of Corona’s eleven staff were here when the blog was launched.  In fact, those seven have all been at Corona for five years or longer.

Here’s our original Radiance Blog post from May 7, 2008:

“Welcome to Radiance, a blog brought to you by Corona Research [now Corona Insights]. This is a blog that speaks about more than just market research and strategy.  Within this corner of the blogosphere, innovations in research will be discussed, poor methods will be condemned, and – if nothing else – some great trivia conveyed. Radiance provides the crème de la crème of insight and a few useless (but still thought-provoking) facts about the world around you.  We hope you enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to offer up your comments – we’ll look forward to hearing from you.”

After revisiting our original vision, we like to think that it still holds true today.  We’ll keep doing what we’re doing but, in the meantime, is there anything our followers would like us to tackle in a future blog?