With all the excitement about our new office, we’ve been remiss in announcing our newest staff member: Kim Pierce!

Kim joined Corona in mid-January as a research analyst (with a focus on quantitative market research). She brings a diverse set of skills and experiences that fit oh-so-nicely with Corona’s breadth of customers. Kim began her career in the nonprofit sector working on education and literacy before earning her MBA at DU Daniels College of Business. Her love of data has kept her in the research field and we’re thrilled to have her analytical mind working its magic now for Corona’s various customers.

A Colorado native, Kim brings fresh energy to the Corona. She plays indoor and outdoor volleyball and loves to cook Italian food, which delights the fellow office foodies. Though most staff are admittedly “cat people,” we can’t wait to meet her beloved St. Bernard, Sal. Kim is also responsible for our office March Madness pool – expect updates and silly statistics in the coming weeks. Prize: still undetermined.

So come by to say hi to Kim and check out our beautiful new space: 1580 Lincoln St, Suite 600, Denver, CO 80203.