The Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) was featured on a recent PBS NewsHour feature, “To Receive Welfare, Should Drug Tests Be Required?” CWEE’s executive director Laurie Harvey, who has been working with single mothers for 30 years, is interviewed in the clip as Colorado is one of the states considering this new measure.

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In 2009-2010, Corona Insights facilitated CWEE’s strategic planning process. The cornerstone of their strategy was the concept of moving people along “an employment highway.”  More specifically,  to “move a broader array of individuals in selected metro Denver counties from chronic or episodic unemployment to economically self-supporting through customized, job-focused programs. ”

We’re happy to see this Corona customer take a leading role on behalf of their constituents. It’s clear that this potential legislation would affect getting people on the on-ramp of that highway to self-sufficiency.