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Why Do Girls Love Horses, Unicorns And Dolphins?

Admit it, the title caught your attention.  That’s why I clicked on this story when digging up an article for another blog post. Which got me thinking: Why don’t research reports or other deliverables have names like this?  We should create curiosity and anticipation in our report titles.

Now, read the article before reading the rest of my thoughts…

Done?  Next, regardless of the topic, the way this “research” is written is engaging.  It gives the explanation peppered with short stories (meaning a sentence or two) that bring the research to life.  Finally (though actually the first thing I thought when I read this), some research may have answered this question with an answer like “they’re pretty” or “they read about them in children’s books”.  But that isn’t at all what you get here. You get the underlying emotional connections girls make with these animals.  That’s the kind of insight all research should strive to achieve.

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