Corona presents at NAST conference

Corona conducts research with a wide variety of organizations, but we frequently find ourselves working with membership organizations to help them better understand the needs of their constituents.  Recently, Corona was contacted by one such organization – the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) – to help them understand how their members feel about the organization and identify ways that services could be improved.

Like many associations, NAST’s purpose is to help its members perform their jobs as well as possible through networking and education.  The organization serves treasurers from all 50 states, as well as other treasury staff members.  NAST helps its members to better understand the issues facing other states’ treasuries, as well as helps to keep members informed about legislation that will affect their work, through publications, conferences, and electronic forums through which members can share ideas.

In early December, Corona presented the results of our work to NAST’s members at NAST’s Issues Conference held in New York City.  The presentation helped members to better understand the research and what it will be used for, as well as detailing some of the key findings of the research.  NAST describes the research and some of the changes recently made in its recent newsletter.

Based on the research, NAST now has a solid base of knowledge about what they do well and what can be improved.  This vital information about member perceptions will help NAST to improve its services to members in the future.

State of Our Cities and Towns for Colorado Municipal League (CML)

CML’s State of Our Cities and Towns was recently published drawing from research conducted by Corona.  This report, in its second year, chronicles many of the successes and challenges Colorado municipalities have faced in the previous year and their plans to tackle these challenges in the next year.

Of particular interest, as of late, are the impacts of the current economy, economic development, and energy initiatives.

These findings have helped municipal leaders understand the issues facing similar communities (we reported overall findings as well as findings by community size), and also helped state government understand issues on a local level.

Summit County, Colorado Comprehensive Health Strategic Plan

While the research isn’t necessarily recent, it was recently placed online (we only show our work when our clients post it).

Drawing from research conducted by Corona for the Summit County health needs assessment, Summit County created their Comprehensive Health Strategic Plan.  The research helped lay the foundation for a plan that effectively meets the needs of the community.