As online surveys have become ubiquitous and response has declined, researchers have had to move on to new modes of data collection.  We’ve blogged before about mobile surveys, and with today’s smartphones, mobile apps seem to be the next logical extension.

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This post discusses Dunkin’ Donuts’s iPhone App and touches on its research potential.  While data mining will be an important means of research (customer location, purchase behavior, etc.), actively seeking opinions and feedback will likely grow as more consumers upgrade their phones.

Phone apps have the potential to make participation from users easier and more immediate – two key ingredients to boost response rates.

While the overall population – or even many niches – may not be yet represented in smartphone samples, we’re on our way to better coverage.  In the meantime, young, tech-savvy niches are likely reachable and adequately represented through smartphone samples.

Are any companies already doing this?  What are other ways apps are being used in research?