Proof that we were there (and temporary local advertising in San Diego).

It’s a real winter’s day today in Denver, and although it’s been a mild winter and this is one of the few snowy days we’ve had (and probably one of the last we will get this year), the cold air automatically makes me wish for a beach.  Don’t get me wrong, we always need the moisture, and I love a good powder day on the slopes as much as anyone, but I grew up in Iowa where winter is always too long, and I’m programmed to dream about the beach.

Early last Fall, when it was still swimming weather in southern California, we were doing some research in the San Diego area.  It was part of a larger project that had us traveling all over the U.S. doing pseudo-ethnographic research/interviews in people’s homes.  In fact, I had my feet in the Atlantic Ocean in Montauk, NY on Long Island, and in the Pacific Ocean in San Diego all within a few weeks’ time.  And in between we sweated it out in Georgia for a bit.

Along the way we met some really great people, sampled the local cuisine, and left our mark on the seaside as fleeting proof that we were there.  It’s the kind of business trip we find ourselves yearning for on a cold snowy day.  (Well, some of us anyway.)