I’ll admit it — I’m a graph nerd. I tend to obsess over the minutia of tables, charts, and graphs, in search of the best ways to present different types of data. I’ve fully accepted the idea — popularized by Edward Tufte and others– that many of the advances in graphing technology lead to pretty, but dysfunctional, graphs. And certain popular graph types are simply not suited for the types of data people often try to present with them (one of these days you’ll be subjected to a rant on pie charts or producing three-dimensional graphs from two-dimensional data).

But even a fundamentalist needs to have fun. So when I feel the need to combine my love for (bad) music and graphing, I turn to GraphJam, a site dedicated to “Pop Culture for People in Cubicles.” The charts, flow charts, and other data graphics people create and share at GraphJam indicate the endless human capacity for creating comedy from anything at hand — even Excel’s Charting Tools!