I first saw this post the other day and since then I have been seeing information on this story pop up everywhere.  In short, Intellisponse, a marketing research firm, appears to have leaked some information about their clients’ potential products.

While its always fun to read about other research, I hate to do so at the expense of another company – in this case, Intellisponse. At least on the outside, it appears their clients (Microsoft, Activision) are not acting upset, confirming that they are looking into many concepts, but that none are guaranteed. We’ll see how this plays out down the road. My take is that the amount of PR they’re getting for upcoming games will probably outweigh the potential leaks to competitors (though this doesn’t justify an unapproved leak by the company if that was the case).

In the mean time, gamers everywhere (and a few market researchers) will enjoy the gossip (and research).