Logan School for Creative Learning

Our Work:
Strategic analysis, in-depth interviews, ethnographic observation, board facilitation, community input facilitation, focus groups, perceptions survey, brand attribute development

The Logan School for Creative Learning worked with Corona Insights to conduct a research-driven process aimed at articulating the Logan School’s core ethos and related brand attributes. With this project, we saw an opportunity to ensure our client launched a new branding effort on a clear, shared understanding of who they are and what makes them unique. Over the course of the 3-month process, we utilized insights and lessons learned from focus groups, in-depth interviews, an online survey, analyses of 14 competitors, and facilitated sessions with board, staff, and parents to collaboratively develop a core ethos statement that feels distinctly Logan. 

Corona did a phenomenal job of knowing themselves and what their north star is—this helped us structure the process and set boundaries. The clarity of process Corona provided allowed us to achieve the clarity of message we desired.

Markus Hunt

Head of School
Logan School for Creative Learning