Colorado Youth Corps Association

Our Work:
Strategic planning, in-person interviews, member profiles, fiscal analysis, retreat facilitation, goal prioritization

The Colorado Youth Corps Association (CYCA) hired Corona Insights to help develop a 5-year strategic plan. To ensure the plan met pressing yet diverse needs, we sought input from CYCA member corps and stakeholders through conference calls, in-person interviews, online feedback, in addition to conducting analysis of financial data. We condensed this information into an insightful summary report and a corps-driven list of strategic options. We then facilitated a Board of Directors retreat to help guide prioritization and selection of final strategic goals and desired outcomes, which we then formed into a strategic plan. The CYCA Board adopted the plan and has been making important headway on their short- and long-term goals of service optimization, fiscal resilience, equity, security, and storytelling.

Our 5-year strategic plan has gained tremendous momentum within the first six-months of implementation. Prior to working with Corona, we’d operated a significant time without a strategic plan – and that led to many disparate efforts on our part. Thanks to our member-driven and board-engaged process we now have a dynamic map to guide us forward. We know where the guardrails exist and what the goals are. As we implement the strategic plan in partnership with our member corps we have a tool to celebrate successes, achieve initial wins, and prepare for the big lifts ahead of us. This has been an overwhelmingly positive period for us. We are grateful to Corona Insights for their ability to facilitate a collaborative process that engaged us every step of the way.

Scott Segerstrom

Executive Director
Colorado Youth Corps Association