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Photo of employee Maria Cuevas

Maria Cuevas Associate

Maria is a passionately curious individual; she thoroughly enjoys the research process from beginning to end. With a background in Economics and Sociology, Maria is deeply interested in how social life is influenced by economic factors. At Corona, Maria uses her Spanish language proficiency to help organizations reach a wider audience and higher level of community engagement through both qualitative and quantitative research.

Her specialty is in creating tools that will help with data collection, analysis, and presentation, whether it be interview guides or econometric models. Maria appreciates the wide variety of projects that clients bring to Corona which help keep her creativity active. In turn, she provides insights and strategic direction to clients.

Outside of work, Maria spends her time with her loved ones exploring Colorado. She loves music and reading all types of literature.


Maria earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Economics and Sociology from Metropolitan State University of Denver.