Its Friday, and we thought we’d share some fun, interesting, or just weird links that we’ve run across lately.

Brand Tags.  Cool site for word associations with brands.  Pretty revealing how people associate brands.  Try it out and check out the results.  Careful…it can suck you in.

Ning.  Create your own social network.  We saw this at a conference recently where they invited attendees to log on afterward to keep the questions and conversations going.

Groundswell. Cool utility from Forrester that allows you to build a basic technographic profile based on a few demographic variables.  The profile shows what proportion are in each of six overlapping levels of participation with social technologies.

SocialVibe.  A social media tool that pairs individual causes with sponsors.  Your cause benefits from donations and the sponsors benefit from additional exposure.

GPS Drawing.  We like mapping, but we haven’t done this – maybe on our next business trip.

Excel Rock Video.  We have to figure out how to make our data do this.

Whaleshark.  Great use of technology and conversations to exponentially increase the scope of research.