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Market research, evaluation, and strategic consulting to help organizations discover the right answers to their most important questions.


Corona Insights Market Reseach


Smart organizations know the crucial role market research plays in decision making. We make sure that our custom research is designed correctly up front and analyzed thoroughly on the back end. Learn more

Corona Insights Evaluation


Certain decisions simply require data-driven insights. Whether it is helping governments understand the needs or trends in a community or helping nonprofits evaluate their impact, we transform data into actionable results. Learn more

Corona Insights Consulting


Clarity of direction is paramount. Corona’s research and strategic consulting services bring the right answers into view, helping organizations move from insights to action and results. Learn more

Their work is timely, professional and highly intellectual yet presented in laymen terms so that not only my staff but stakeholders can understand, relate to and utilize the data.




  • GiveWell

    Jim picked GiveWell as his choice to receive a $500 donation as part of Corona’s 20th Anniversary celebration. Learn more about the organization in this blog.
  • Staff Interview: Jim Pripusich

    In this month’s staff profile, we hear from Jim on what makes him tick and his thoughts on his first year at Corona.
  • Robin Albert, Summit County, Colorado

    This month’s interviewee as part of Corona’s 20th Anniversary Year is Robin Albert of Summit County (CO) Public Health. We have worked with Summit County for nearly 15 years on projects ranging from measuring opinions about alcohol and substance abuse, to health needs assessments, to targeted studies to understand how to better reach underserved populations in the community. Check it out here.
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