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The key findings from the Corona report were instrumental in guiding the ACVIM's marketing and communications strategies.



  • The 2015 Lifesavers Conference 

    Members of the Corona team enjoy attending workshops and conferences as a way to keep up with current practices, as well as presenting relevant research findings of our own. Let’s see how Kevin and Matt’s trip to Chicago for the Lifesavers Conference went.

  • Knowledge About Knowledge – Trivia Crack Evaluation Measures

    If you’ve played Trivia Crack, you know that you get information about your own scoring – the percentage of questions that you answer correctly. But there’s no easy way to compare that against the rest of the world. This being America and all, we like to keep score and see how we stack up against others. So what’s a person to do? Well, we at Corona Insights have taken care of that for you with a series of 9 blogs.